Top Posts for 2023

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I was planning on a Top 5 Posts for 2023 list but after the top 3, there was a 3-way tie so this is a Top 6 Posts list:

#1 Minolta X-700 with Ilford HP5 Plus (February 24)

#2 Minolta Hi-Matic 11 with Ilford HP5 Plus (July 10)

#3 Downtown LA with My Rollei Giro 105 (July 15)

#4-6 Testing a Roll of LomoChrome Color ’92 (September 17)

#4-6 Yashica Mat-124G with Kodak Ektar (April 7)

#4-6 Minolta XE with Lomography Berlin (February 21)

I’m not surprised that posts that name specific cameras and films top my list. Google Search Console shows that a fair amount of my traffic comes from searches on cameras and films.

I’m a little disappointed that some of these are my top posts since they don’t represent my better photos. I especially didn’t like the results with the Lomochrome Color ’92 or the Lomography Berlin. That said, I love my Minolta cameras and love Ilford film, especially the HP5 Plus so I was glad about the other top posts.

I’m also not surprised that my monthly updates are the least viewed of all my posts since they have such generic titles.

I don’t think I’m going to do anything with this information, but I’m always curious about how people find my blog and what they gravitate toward.

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