Painted Bride Art Center

The Painted Bride and Other Photos

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As I mentioned in my August 2023 Update, Holly and I took a walk to The Painted Bride Art Center. We wanted to get there before the planned removal of the mosaics on the building.

I already shared some of the photos I had taken with my Samsung Galaxy S9+, but I also brought along a film camera.

I had purchased a Minolta MD 35-70mm f/3.5 lens ahead of our California vacation. Since getting it, I only used it on my Minolta X-700 which I brought with me on our trip. I was eager to try it on my Minolta XE and used our trip to The Painted Bride as a reason to do so.

I had a lot of success with that lens on our vacation and when testing it prior to our trip. The lens continued to perform well. It also helped that I went with a roll of reliable Lomography Color 400, which I shot at 200 ISO.

The MD 35-70 lens was perfect for this outing since both the wider focal length and the zoom came in handy.

Of course, I took a handful of photos on the walk to and from our destination.

Although I had a great shooting day, I didn’t finish the roll. Holly and I went on another walk a couple weeks later to the Fairmount section of the city. It was another bright and sunny day so I was easily able to take the remaining 12 frames.

Given the success I’ve had with my Minolta MD 35-70mm f/3.5 lens with 2 different cameras in a variety of situations, I am quite pleased with my decision to purchase it.

Buying used gear can always be hit or miss (RIP Rollei Giro 105, I hardly knew you) so it’s satisfying whenever something is a big hit.

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