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Testing a Roll of LomoChrome Color ’92

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Earlier in the summer, Lomography released a new film: LomoChrome Color ’92. Of course, I wanted to try it. I bought 2 rolls at the end of July and shot 1 of them the first week of August. Just now getting around to posting about those photos.

I have mixed feelings about Lomography films. I really love their Color 400 and Color 800. I’ve also gotten good results with their Potsdam. I haven’t taken to their Purple which is disappointing because I’ve liked other people’s photos with the Purple. And I have complex feelings about Metropolis.

According to the Lomography site, the Color ’92 provides “fascinating blue hues, vibrant reds and delicate pastel undertones” and has a “rich film grain for a hint of ’90s nostalgia.” I wasn’t shooting film in the ’90s so can’t speak to any feelings of nostalgia, but the other descriptors align with my experience.

I shot the roll with my Canon AE-1 and my 50mm f/1.4 lens. The film is rated at ISO 400. My tendency lately is to shoot color film 1-stop overexposed by adjusting the ISO, but since this was my first time shooting the Color ’92, I stuck with the recommended speed.

My results were a mixed bag. Anything the least bit dark or shadowy came out a little dull and/or muddy.

However, in the bright sunlight, the photos really demonstrated the expected features of this film.

Of course, plenty of the pictures fell somewhere in-between.

Even though I’m not exactly thrilled with these results, I’m glad I bought 2 rolls since I may get better photos knowing what I know now. Certainly, I’ll save the 2nd roll for a bright, sunny day, and I may experiment with overexposing it. And look for blue and red things. It likes blue and red.

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  1. Lisa Clarke

    I just got my Color 92 scans back this past week, and my experience was not as vibrant as yours was. Maybe my days were not as sunny and my skies were not as clear, but the thing that stood out most to me was olive green tones in the shadows. Your photos, though, are so blue! I especially like your images that have some warm colors in them.

    • Tom

      Thanks for your comment. I took the more vibrant photos on an exceptionally bright and sunny day which I’m sure was a big factor in how they turned out. I’m going to be very selective about when I shoot the 2nd roll.

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