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Staycation 2023 Film Photos

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During our October 2023 Staycation, I carried my Olympus XA with me. I chose that camera mainly because of its small size. Having it with my everyday was easy.

I loaded it with a roll of Lomography Color 800, which I shot at 400 ISO. I was able to finish the roll during our Staycation, starting it on the first day when I went to the Philadelphia Film Festival on my own and taking the last shot on our penultimate day which was fine since our last day was more lowkey so there wouldn’t have been many photo-taking opportunities.

Given that it was late October, there was plenty of fall color to take pictures of.

And being late October, there were signs of Halloween.

And, of course, there were a variety of things to capture on our daily walks around the city.

As I mentioned in my Staycation 2023 Highlight post, we ventured to the Northern Liberties section of the city one night for dinner. We also went back there for dinner again at Apricot Stone and brunch on our last Saturday at Standard Tap. In that post, I shared some photos of our meal at Standard Tap as well as a couple pictures of the interior. We sat on their upstairs patio. I also took film photos of both the interior and exterior.

Since we were in a part of the city that we don’t often get to, I was happy to have a nice sunny day to take photos of the area.

On our walk from brunch to our film festival movie, we stopped by the old Painted Bride building to see the progress, for lack of a better word, of the dismantling of its mosaic. I had written more about the Painted Bride in an earlier post.

I was on my last frame and took that final shot of the sad state of the mosaic.

The Olympus XA is such a perfect camera for carrying around when I’m doing things other than just shooting photos. It’s small and lightweight and has a clamshell closure to protect the lens. And it takes really good photos. I was also lucky that we had such a pleasant and mostly sunny week.

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