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Spring Photos with the Olympus TG-5

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We had a nice spring weekend here in Philadelphia. Despite a pleasant Saturday, we stayed in all day. But Sunday was sunny and warm so we couldn’t resist going out for a walk.

Getting outside for exercise is stilled considered in the “essential” category so we’re lucky we can still stretch our legs.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to take any photos since I was mainly looking to get some exercise in but I brought my Olympus TG-5 with me since it’s small and easy to carry.

And I was very glad I did. Who was I kidding? Once I got out and saw signs of spring, I couldn’t resist taking pictures.

I’ve had issues with the TG-5 before, but I think those issues had more to do with some unrealistic expectations on my part rather than with the camera itself. Instead of trying to manipulate its limited manual features, I just used it as a point-and-shoot and was pleased with the results.

As I discovered before, it has excellent macro capabilities.

I tried taking some macro photos of flowers on our walk, but it was a bit too breezy out and only one turned out to be any good.

Macro Flower
Macro Flower

We didn’t wander far from out neighborhood but did find ourselves along St. Albans Place which is this charming, pedestrians only block that has a garden running down the middle.

The rest of our walk was equally spring-like and enjoyable.

The only thing that detracted from our otherwise lovely outing was confirmation that one of our reliable corner stores is temporarily (we hope) closed due to the coronavirus. A lot of the businesses that sell alcohol have boarded up their windows and doors when they shut down which makes the decision seem all the more dramatic.

Food and Friends Boarded Up
Food and Friends Boarded Up

Although this certainly is an inconvenience to us, I can’t help but think about the owners and workers at the places that are unable to stay open for an indefinite length of time and how much they must be struggling.

We were glad to have been able to get out for a nice walk, but there is no way to avoid signs of all that’s been going on.

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