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Self-Isolation Week Eight

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I didn’t write a Self-isolation week seven post because of my April 2020 Update post.

Week eight was, thankfully, low on drama.

Tuesday was the day we were supposed to fly to Los Angeles. Holly was planning on going to a conference, and I was going to tag along. I have been to L.A. a handful of times but haven’t spent significant time there. I was looking forward to plenty of exploring and picture taking.

We’re certainly disappointed about missing the trip, but we’ll make plans for other trips once it’s safe to do so. We’re not spending as much money being home all the time, and we’re allowed to carryover some of our vacation time to next year.

Speaking of spending money, not surprisingly, food and drink are the main things we’re spending any money on these days. I was able to get through to the Fine Wines and Good Spirits online store (I documented the drama surrounding that process in my Self-Isolation Week Six post). I got a bottle of Templeton Rye and Aviation Gin as well as a bottle of high-proof vodka for some future amaro-making.

We also ordered wine and a special Mother’s Day spritz-making package from Tria, one of our favorite local places. The spritz package included two bottles of sparkling wine, a bottle of Cappelletti Vino Appertivo. We also ordered food from them for a delightful Friday night dinner.

We’ve been relying mostly on some of our mainstays for takeout and delivery during our self-isolation. This was the first time we had ordered from Tria, and we tried Porco’s Porchetteria for the first time for brunch on Saturday.

Although I’m concerned about the long term well-being of our local restaurants, it’s been heartening that so many places have been open these past two months. This week, there have been quite a few places that had been closed that reopened for takeout or delivery.

Of course, dining out is usually only 3 meals a week so the rest of the time we’ve been cooking.

A big reason why we’re still doing OK with the stay-at-home order (which has been extended until June 4) is that we’re quite content with simple things. We like cooking, eating, and drinking, as well as reading and watching movies. And we each have our hobbies keeping us sane. Although we miss going out and doing things, we haven’t gotten too stir crazy being home.

We did get out last Sunday for a nice walk. I brought along my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

I’m waiting on 5 rolls of film to be developed, which I should get the scans of sometime this coming week. They represent 2+ months of shooting so I’m really looking forward to seeing them.

Despite not getting out as much to shoot, I did buy a new lens for my Olympus OM-1. I got an Olympus Zuiko 50mm f/1.4 Lens. I really enjoy shooting with the Olympus OM-1, but I only have a 28mm, a 135mm, and a 28-80mm lens that I’m not so crazy about.

Getting a 50mm lens makes the OM-1 a lot more versatile.

As I mentioned, the governor has extended the stay-at-home order for the Philadelphia area until June 4th. That would be the earliest we could return to work, but we’ve been told that it’s unlikely that we would be back in our building until July at the earliest. So at least another 7 weeks of working from home. Which isn’t a bad prospect. I’ve learned to like working from home and transitioning back is going to be difficult. Glad I don’t have to worry about it for a while!

  • Total cases in the U.S. this week: 1,248,040
  • Total cases in the U.S. last week: 1,092,815
  • Difference: 155,225
  • Total deaths in the U.S. this week: 75,477
  • Total deaths in the U.S. last week: 64,283
  • Difference: 11,195
  • Total cases in Philadelphia this week: 17,881
  • Total cases in Philadelphia last week: 15,527
  • Difference: 2,354
  • Total deaths in Philadelphia this week: 891
  • Total deaths in Philadelphia last week: 705
  • Difference: 186

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