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Second Roll with My Minolta Autopak 450Ex

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My first experience with my Minolta Autopak 450Ex was fun, but the pictures were, as expected, just so-so. I enjoyed the novelty of shooting with a 110 camera, but I doubt the results will ever be anything special, except for the vintage feel.

Because of its limitations, I haven’t been out with it much and only recently finished a second roll despite having it since Holly gave it to me for Christmas last year.

I again shot a roll of Lomography Tiger Color 200. As before, I sent it off to Richard Photo Lab since they are able to develop 110 film. They charge a lot for scanning so I scanned it myself and then cropped each shot in Adobe Lightroom.

I decided to keep some of the extraneous film elements on a couple of the pictures for no particular reason other than it looks neat.

FMC Tower, South Street Bridge, Schuylkill River
FMC Tower, South Street Bridge, Schuylkill River
Roberts Center for Pediatric Research
Roberts Center for Pediatric Research

I took these photos during one of our walks around our neighborhood and along the Schuylkill Banks.

Despite the image quality, I have enjoyed using the Minolta Autopak 450Ex and would like to go out shooting with it from time-to-time, but I need to take some things into consideration.

One is that I need to find out if my local photo lab develops 110 film. It had been closed for a while due to the pandemic, and I got into the habit of mailing my film off. My local place has been back open for a while, and I only recently started dropping my film off there again.

Scanning the photos myself isn’t all that difficult, but it is a bit time consuming. Unlike with scanning 35mm film where I can scan 4 photos at a time, I have to scan each 110 picture individually and then crop and straighten them all. I need to decide if I want to continue to invest the time for just OK pictures.

The other thing to consider is the lack of film options. As far as I know, only Lomography is producing 110 film. I’ve used the Tiger Color twice, and I have a roll of their Redscale. They have a few other types, but it would be nice to try film from other producers.

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