Second Roll for the Minolta XE

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently purchased a used Minolta XE and had rather mixed results with my initial roll of film. This camera is a bit more complicated than my other film cameras and has more of a learning curve.

I am happy to report that my second roll, in general, turned out better. More of the shots came out and, although I still have some focusing issues, none of those issues from this roll are as dramatic as from the first roll.

I still have a lot to learn and feel like the split-image / microprism focusing will take a while to master, but I’m glad to see some progress since the first roll.

I used Kodak Ultramax 400 for these pictures.

This picture of graffiti might be my favorite from the roll.


But I’m also pleased with many of the other shots. (As always, you can click on any picture to open up a gallery)


But, as I said, all of the pictures from this roll turned out more or less OK, and I didn’t have any true duds like I had with the first roll.


I’m glad there was some improvement, as I enjoy shooting with the Minolta XE.

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