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October 2022 Update

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The centerpiece of October, as has been the case for the past decade, was our annual Staycation. I plan on writing more about that later, but it was a welcome break from work since we hadn’t had a day off since Labor Day. Holly had a couple rough work weeks leading up to our Staycation so she really appreciated 10 days away from the job.

The other big news and big distraction from the month is that the Phillies, somehow, made the playoffs and are in the World Series. It added an additional fun element to our time off. We’d go out to brunch, see a couple movies, go out to dinner, and then come home and watch baseball (at least until we couldn’t stay awake any longer).


After a summer of not taking many pictures, I find myself behind in posting about my photography adventures. I hope to get caught up on those post-Staycation. It has been a nice autumn so far, and I’ll have more to share later, but I did take a few fall photos with my Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Not exactly photography, but I’ve started getting interested in making videos and experimented with a few just using the aforementioned Samsung.

Because of this interest, I started watching an Adobe Premiere Pro Essential Training tutorial from LinkedIn Learning.

Not sure where this interest will lead, but I’ve enjoyed this preliminary dabbling.


I finished another Skillshare tutorial, The Creative Sketchbook: Start Your Daily Sketching Habit. The course was good, and I really liked the instructor, Imran Mughal, but I wasn’t all that pleased with my own drawings from the tutorial. The only one I liked was one of an ink bottle.



I had started Imogen Sara Smith’s In Lonely Places: Film Noir Beyond the City quite a while ago. My slow progress was due to my wanting to watch a lot of the films she covers in her book. Urban settings are often a key feature of noir, but Smith analyzes those that do not take place in cities. Although I have been a fan of film noir for ages, reading this book exposed me to many movies I hadn’t seen before: His Kind of Woman, Where Danger Lives, On Dangerous Grounds, Pitfall, Sudden Fear, Shadow of a Doubt, The Big Steal, They Live by Night, and Clash by Night.

I’ve seen Smith discuss films online, especially on The Criterion Channel, and always found her insightful so I had been meaning to read her book for a while. Although I generally loved In Lonely Places, I felt that she really stretched the definition of noir to include some of the films she did. This was especially true when discussing westerns.

I also read 2 Kindle First books: At the Quiet Edge by Victoria Helen Stone and Well Behaved Wives by Amy Sue Nathan. Amazon Prime Members get 1 (and sometimes 2) free Kindle books a month. I usually try to pick some out in order to read books I would not otherwise have been aware of. The choices mostly feature genre titles which I don’t usually read so it’s been an inexpensive way to broaden my horizons.

At the Quiet Edge is categorized as a “domestic thriller” and “psychological fiction” and Well Behaved Wives as “Historical Literary Fiction” and “Women’s Domestic Life Fiction.”

A lot of the time, I select a book not because it’s particularly appealing but because it’s less not appealing than some of the other choices.

I wound up mostly enjoying both these titles. I mainly chose Well Behaved Women because it is set in Philadelphia where I live. I didn’t pay much attention to what it was about and was surprised that, like At the Quiet Edge, a key part of the plot revolved around helping an abused wife escape her husband.

October 2022 Reading Update
October 2022 Reading Update

Books Read in 2022

So far in 2022, I’ve read 30 books:

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