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December started off with some good news. Monday Night published my story, No One Way Things Happen. They accepted the story back in the spring. Initially, they let me know it would get published sometime in the fall and then followed up saying, more specifically, it would be in early December.

No One Way Things Happen is one of the stories that was inspired by my having lived in Las Vegas for 4 years. I had a draft of this story prior to that move but setting it in Vegas gave it new life.

It’s about a babysitter whose plans for the evening are thwarted by an unexpected turn of events.

A teaser:

Angie did not live in this development but knew the gate code and had given it to her friend Taylor so that Taylor’s mother could pick her up in a couple hours. The ease of sharing the code made Angie wonder how secure these gated communities really were and what they were trying to protect against. She’d grown up in Las Vegas, was used to living in such a community, and hadn’t thought twice about this arrangement until recently.

Still two years away from being old enough to drive, she felt conspicuous punching in the code and walking through the gate meant for cars. If she had been a resident, she would have had a key to the pedestrian gate, but she was only a babysitter on her way to her job.

You can read the entire story at Monday Night. Alas, the issue my story appears in is their final issue.

This is my 6th published story:

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