Nikon Z fc with a SmallRig L-Shape Grip

New Grip for My Nikon Z fc

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I recently improved my photography life with a rather simple purchase. I ordered a SmallRig L-Shape Grip for my Nikon Z fc from B&H Photo, thanks to the gift certificate Holly gave me for Christmas.

When the Z fc first came out, I saw some reviews where people complained about the lack of a grip. Initially, I didn’t mind the absence of a grip. It’s a light camera so using the it without one didn’t seem problematic. But as I used it more and compared it to some similarly sized (albeit heavier) film cameras, I realized having a grip would make the shooting experience with the Z fc more comfortable.

The SmallRig L-Shape Grip is also very light and attaching it to the Z fc is easy. It simply screws into the threads for a tripod and includes its own threads so you still can attach one. Even with just the 1 screw holding it on, the grip fits tight to the body and really feels like part of the camera.

I went out once with it so far. I have 2 lenses for my Z fc, a 28mm f/2.8 and an 18-140mm f/3.5-6.3.

I went out with the heavier 18-140 lens, which seemed like the better test, and handling the Z fc was noticeably more comfortable with the grip.

I took it with me on a short walk to and along the Schuylkill River Trail.

I’m glad my simple $40 purchased worked out so well. Holly and I are planning another trip to California next month and, of course, I’m already thinking about what camera(s) I want to bring.

I’m leaning toward the Z fc since it’s a light camera for traveling. I brought it with me for our 2022 trip to Arizona and California, and it served me well. In fact, I specifically bought the Z fc for traveling.

Prior to getting the grip, I had been contemplating getting a new lens for the Z fc, a Nikon 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6. I was thinking that could be a good general purpose lens for a trip. Given the crop sensor, the lens equates to an 18-42mm lens. Not a lot of range, but decent focal lengths for walking around. I hesitated to consider my 18-140mm lens since I had started finding it a little cumbersome. Obviously, I’d be sacrificing a lot of telephoto reach with that other lens, but I often shoot 28mm and 50mm lenses so it felt like a reasonable comfort zone.

But the new grip helped change my mind. Now I’m leaning toward just bringing the 2 lenses I already have and pocketing the $360 I would have spent on a new lens for vacation.

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