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More Self-Isolation Macro Photos

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As I mentioned in my Macro Watches post, I’ve been entertaining myself around our apartment by taking some macro photos. I provided some explanation about it in that post so this is mainly just going to be a bunch of photographs.

In addition to my watches, I took pictures of one of Holly’s craft projects.

I also took photos of some of the artificial flowers Holly had gotten to liven up our stay-at-home experience. I am allergic to a lot of flowers so we have to go the artificial route. The ones she got are a lot nicer and more realistic looking than a lot of artificial flowers. The macro shots due them a bit of a disservice because the close-up pictures reveal the fabric and stitching that aren’t obvious from a normal distance.

Holly got them from three different places:

But we do have some real scallions that we’re regrowing.

And, finally (for now), I took some pictures of beans and grains.

What will be fun about this project is continuing to find different things around our apartment that might make for interesting macro photos.

In addition to what can be found on this site, I have a few Flickr albums with my macro photography:

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