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Monterey and Cannery Row Photos

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One day, Holly and I found ourselves back in Monterey for breakfast. We decided to visit Old Fisherman’s Wharf despite having been there numerous times. It was nice being there mid-May when it’s not as crowded as it can get later in the summer. While in the area, we also took a walk to Cannery Row. We’ve been there before as well, but it’s a lovely place to take a walk.

I wound up using a variety of cameras and films.

I took a few with my Samsung Galaxy S9+.

While we were at Garland Ranch Regional Park, I nearly finished a roll of Kodak Pro Image with my Minolta X-700. Somehow, I hadn’t found 3 more photos to take there and wrapped up the roll in Monterey,

I had started a roll of Lomography Color 800 in Point Lobos with my Rollei Giro 105 and had taken a handful of shots around Carmel-by-the-Sea but still had more than half a roll left so I also finished that on our Old Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row walk.

Once I was done that roll, I went back to my Minolta X-700 and loaded a roll of Cinestill 400D. That was my first time shooting that film, and I was quite happy with the images.

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