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Minolta Hi-Matic in Long Beach with Lomo 800

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As I mentioned in my last post, I bought a Konica Big Mini early in our California vacation. I had brought my Minolta Hi-Matic with me and shot some photos in Long Beach before getting the Big Mini.

Holly had planned two appointments that day so during her first appointment, I walked around on my own while reacquainting myself with Long Beach where I had spent a fair amount of time while Holly lived there before we moved to Philadelphia.

It was an exceptionally bright and sunny day so shooting with Lomography 800 wasn’t the best choice. As has been my habit with color film, I over-exposed a bit shooting with the Hi-Matic set at ISO 500. Normally, I would over-expose a full stop, but I went with 500 because the settings on the Hi-Matic are labeled 25-50-100-200-500. To try for 400, I would need to guess where in-between 200 and 500 to set the slider.

Given how sunny it was, most of my photos were f/16 or f/22.

I met Holly for lunch and then took my walk to Relics where I bought my Big Mini. I took a few photos along the way.

After getting my Big Mini, I didn’t use my Hi-Matic the next day and didn’t use it again until dinnertime the following day. I took some photos on our way to Shoreline Village where we had plans to eat at Parkers’ Lighthouse. I took a few photos of the Villa Riviera building. I’m a bit fascinated with that building and have taken plenty of photos of it but couldn’t resist taking more.

I finished the roll on our walk to breakfast the next morning, our last in Long Beach.

I enjoy shooting with my Hi-Matic. I’m sure I would have been satisfied if that was the only camera I had on vacation, but I’m glad I got the Konica and had another option especially an easy to carry point and shoot.

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  1. Lisa Clarke

    I love the look of these! The colors and lighting are just perfect.

    I have my grandmother’s HiMatic and I have never been able to figure out how to work it. Maybe it’s time to educate myself on rangefinders and try again.

    • Tom

      Thanks! It took me a while to get comfortable with rangefinders. It also took me a while to appreciate the Hi-Matic but now I love it.

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