Library of Congress

Library of Congress Visit

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As I mentioned in my 2018 Washington DC Trip post, Holly and I had gone to the Library of Congress one evening for an event related to the conference she was attending. I had just loaded new film (Ilford HP Plus 400) into my Canon Rebel EOS 2000. Although the Library of Congress is quite photogenic, I didn’t finish the roll so wasn’t able to post these pictures to my DC post.

Despite being a librarian and despite having been to Washington DC numerous times, I had never been to the Library of Congress before. Most of these pictures are from inside the Library of Congress. I really like how most of these turned out. I was a little concerned that to 400 film wasn’t going to be fast enough for the night and indoor photos, but I only got minimal noise with the outdoor ones. I am particularly fond of the photo of the statue and the photo of the globe since the contrast for the former and the depth of field for the latter came out as I had envisioned.

The picture of the Capitol is from our walk there. The final photo is from our walk back to our hotel. We were in Washington the week of the terribleĀ Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, and the flag was at half-mast outside the Supreme Court.


You can see all of my Washington DC photos in my Flickr album.

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