Going Analog

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Shortly after we moved to Philadelphia in 2011, I purchased my first decent digital camera and have been enjoying learning digital photography ever since. However, I’ve been interested in getting back into film photography for a while, so I recently bought a Lomography Diana F+ (without the flash) as an inexpensive way to give it a try. I used part of my tax refund and, ironically, used it for this analog camera and an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. One step forward and one step back or something.

Kindle Paperwhite and Diana F+ Camera
Kindle Paperwhite and Diana F+ Camera

We had some abnormally warm weather a few weeks ago, and we went for a walk in order for me to test the camera. It took a little getting used to working a film camera again. I can only guess that it’s been at least 15 years since the last time I used one.

I had a roll of 12 pictures, and 11 of them turned out, which I am happy about. I was worried I had forgotten to take the lens cap off or committed some other kind of amateur error. At the end of our walk, we went straight to a photography store to drop off the film to get developed. I got both prints and scans. From now on, I think I’ll usually just go with the scans because I have no idea what I’m actually going to do with the pictures.

Part of the charm of the Diana F+ is that it can be a little unpredictable, and the pictures can have unique features. In addition to the expected vignetting, this camera also has a bit of a red tint on the lower right corner.

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