Garrapata State Park

Garrapata State Park with My Konica Big Mini

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The first roll of film I shot with the Konica Big Mini I bought in Long Beach was Kodak Color Plus.

A few days later, after we had made our way to Carmel-by-the-Sea, I decided to try some black-and-white film in the Big Mini and went with Kodak Tri-X. Of course, shooting different films not knowing how well the camera worked certainly made me curious to see the results, which didn’t happen until after we got back from our trip. Happily, the black-and-white photos came our reasonably well as had the first color roll.

We went out on a cloudy and foggy morning to Garrapata State Park so many of the shadows in my photos were dark. I was able to recover a little detail while editing. Despite being a point-and-shoot, the Big Mini does have an exposure compensation option. Obviously, not knowing what the photos with the Big Mini look like, I didn’t contemplate exposure adjustment. However, I think the only option is +1.5 which may have blown out the highlights.

Although some of the shadows are dark, the images capture the cloudy and foggy vibe of the day.

The park wasn’t well marked so we drove past a good portion of it before finding access to the beach.

After wandering that part of the park, we drove back the way we had come to find other places to stop. We found a place that had access to both the beach side and the inland side. We first walked a bit of the inland side.

We then went to the beach side. We didn’t spend much time on either side. We had already walked a fair amount and just wanted to scope out other areas for future visits.

I shot another full color roll in the Big Mini while on vacation and started another that I finished after we returned home. I do want to try another black-and-white roll sometime soon. Perhaps a different film on a sunnier day wouldn’t have such dark shadows.

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