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Flexaret Automat with Kodak Ektar

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I took my Flexaret Automat VII out loaded with a roll of Kodak Ektar. It had been a little over a year since I shot with this camera. In September of 2022, I shot a roll of Rollei Retro 400 in my Flexaret and a roll of Ektar in my Yashica Mat 124G. At the time, I mentioned in the comments that I had 1 roll of medium format Kodak Ektar left and that once I shot that roll, I may be done with Ektar.

My latest results confirmed that I’m not a big fan of Ektar. I have had some luck with it in the past but not consistently so. I didn’t like how any of these photos turned out. Probably the closest thing to a decent picture was my first of the roll shot which is partially cut off.

To be fair to Kodak Ektar, Holly and I went out for a walk one day at the beginning of October that was unpleasantly warm for that time of year. I was not prepared for the weather and was not dressed appropriately so I was rather hot during the walk and kind of just wanted to get the roll done and get home. I rushed a lot of these shots and it shows.

I’ve gotten good photos from the Flexaret before. I just need to make better choices about which film I use and be more patient with taking my shots. I know these things but I guess I need the occasional reminder.

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