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First Impressions of My Traveler’s Notebook

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I have long been fussy about my notebooks and pens. This trait developed during my college years, although, back then, I couldn’t be too fussy since I was limited by what I could afford. Regardless, I developed preferences within my price range.

I remember having a favorite A5 spiral bound notebook which had yellow paper that was college ruled on one side of each sheet and quadrille on the other side. I don’t remember the brand, but I recall seeking those out at the beginning of each semester, often ending up disappointed as they could sometimes be difficult to find. Of course, this was before the internet, and I had to rely on my college bookstore or a local stationery store carrying them.

Over the years, I’ve had different favorites, but, more recently, I’ve gotten even more serious about my notebook preferences.

My current selection of notebooks include:

Various Notebooks
Various Notebooks

I bought the Moleskine and Lemome from Amazon and the 2 Rhodia notebooks and the Mnemosyne from JetPens.

Very recently, I have ventured into an entirely new level of notebook fascination and bought a Traveler’s Notebook and various inserts. Inspired by its name, I bought it for our upcoming trip to Solvang, CA and, hopefully, a couple other trips in the spring.

What’s unique about the Traveler’s Notebook is that you can put different inserts into the leather case which allows you to really customize what you have. The inserts are easy to take in and out so I can have inserts for when I’m actually traveling and then other inserts for when I’m home, although, for now, I’m focused more on using it for travel since, obviously, I have other notebooks for at home purposes.

I don’t do videos so here’s a more static “unboxing.”

I bought the starter kit, which includes the cowhide cover, an unlined notebook, and spare elastic bands, from one of our local stationery stores, Omoi Zakka.

Traveler's Blank TRC 003 Notebook
Traveler’s Blank TRC 003 Notebook

To supplement the blank notebook, I bought a weekly planner, Kraft folder, and additional bands also from Omoi Zakka.

I also purchased a lined notebook and a zipper case from JetPens.

Finally, I bought a pencil board from Amazon. The point of the pencil board is not only to provide something stiff to put behind a page to ensure a flat writing surface but also to provide lines to help guide your writing on unlined paper. I also cut out a piece of mixed media paper to serve as an ink blotter as well as a flat but unlined writing surface.

Traveler's Notebook Blotter and Pencil Board
Traveler’s Notebook Blotter and Pencil Board

There is plenty of advice available on the internet about setting up a Traveler’s Notebook. It seems like I may have wandered into some kind of cult since people are rather obsessed with this notebook.

Most people suggest that 3-4 inserts is just about right. I added everything I mentioned above, and the cover isn’t over committed.

Traveler's Notebook
Traveler’s Notebook

I haven’t used my Traveler’s Notebook much so far. I made some notes in the unlined insert about specific places we might want to visit. I’ve used the lined insert as a journal noting my thoughts about the upcoming trip. And I added dates to the weekly planner since it comes blank.

I had a lot of fun setting this up and can see why people get obsessed with it. I’m really looking forward to bringing it along on our trip in a couple weeks.

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