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Final 2017 Photos

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Back in January, I posted some of my film photos from 2017 which had taken me a while to get developed. At that time, I still had a partially shot roll of Kodak Professional Tri-X 400 Black and White in my Canon Rebel EOS 2000. It wasn’t until our recent Washington trip that I finally finished that roll so I now have the last of my 2017 shots developed.

Except for one picture of flowers Holly had bought for her office, these are all from the time of our Staycation and mostly shot in and around Old City which is near the theaters for the Philadelphia Film Festival. While attending the festival, I brought along my camera because I sometimes had downtime between films and thought walking around taking pictures was a good way to spend that time. Knowing I had black and white film in my camera, I specifically sought out one of the historic graveyards in the area thinking that would make for a couple interesting photos.


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