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Downtown LA with My Minolta X-700

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I already posted about the roll of Lomography 400 I had taken in Downtown Los Angeles with my Rollei Giro 105. It was our first full day in LA, and we were enjoying exploring the city. So much so that I not only finished that roll of Lomography, but I also finished a roll of Kodak Pro Image that I shot with my Minolta X-700. I used the Minolta MD 35-70mm f/3.5 lens I bought right before our trip. I quickly fell in love with that lens and was glad I bought it to bring on our vacation.

I switched back-and-forth between the Rollei and the Minolta so I shot a similar pattern of photos with each roll with, of course, some exceptions.

I started out shooting some photos near and around Grand Central Market.

As we wandered around, we found ourselves near Los Angeles City Hall. It’s an interesting looking building with a Neoclassical base and an Art Deco tower. I tried a few times from different distances to get a good photo of it but wasn’t happy with most of them except, perhaps, the last one.

I had taken a couple of those photos from Gloria Molina Grand Park. I also took some photos in Grand Park as well as some photos in the area of the performance halls across the street.

Speaking of performance halls, our next stop was the Walt Disney Concert Hall which I had been eager to see. Based on photos I had seen, it looked like an amazing building. Seeing it in person lived up to my expectations.

As I mentioned in my Downtown LA with My Rollei Giro 105 post, I was mesmerized by The Broad Museum building. I took some more photos of it with my Minolta X-700. I also took pictures of a food truck outside The Broad as well as some small grassy hills along the sidewalk outside the museum.

I had taken a couple photos of the Angels Flight Railway with my Rollei and also took a couple more with my Minolta.

I finished the roll with a picture of a public sculpture.

Although I obviously love taking photos in my hometown of Philadelphia, it was exciting to be some place so new and exciting that I finished 2 rolls in such a short period of time.

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