Breaking in New Old Film Camera

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The Camera

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had bought a Lomography Diana F+ as a bit of an experiment to see how interested I was in using a film camera. After shooting three rolls of film with it, I knew I would enjoy adding film photography to my repertoire.

I began scouting Etsy for a good used 35mm film camera. I came close to buying one a few weeks ago, but by the time I was ready to make a move, it had already sold. This turned out to be lucky since I later came across a Canon Rebel EOS 2000 from FStop Cameras. A couple things made me want to get this camera.

The first reason was that the Rebel EOS 2000 is in the same family as the Rebel EOS T3 digital camera I’ve been using for the past few years. I figured since it was an earlier film iteration of the camera I’m used to, I would be able to learn how to use it fairly easily.

The second reason was that since the EOS 2000 shares a heritage with my current digital camera, some of the lenses are interchangeable. I reasoned that the $90 I was paying for the EOS 2000 would at least net me a new lens (Canon EF 28 – 80 mm F/3.5-5.6 Zoom) if nothing else.

FStop Cameras listed the camera as being pristine and fully functional, and I am happy to report this turned out to be the case. The EOS 2000 feels brand new despite being over a decade old. Although I have only shot one roll so far (FujiFilm ISO200 Color), I am very pleased with this camera and with FStop Cameras.

The Results

As a test, I had taken a couple of pictures around the apartment, and they did not turn out very well. But once I went outside and got used to it, I was happy with the rest of the roll.

Over the July 4th weekend, Holly and I went to breakfast at Hungry Pigeon, a restaurant about a mile and a half away. We had taken the bus there but walked home which gave me an opportunity to take some photos.

Later that weekend, we took a walk south of our neighborhood so I could finish the roll since I was eager to see how the pictures would turn out. I almost got through the roll, but it started getting cloudy during our walk, and I wasn’t sure how well the 200 ISO would respond so we headed home.

I took the two final photos the next day at home with the sunlight coming through our windows. For these last two shots of ceramic vases, I switched from the lens that came with the EOS 2000 to the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM I had gotten for my digital camera a few months ago.

I was pleased with the results and am posting the pictures without any editing.

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