August Film Photos

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In addition to the film photos I took during our Washington DC trip, I also took a roll each with my Diana F+ and my Canon Rebel EOS 2000.

With the Canon, I took a couple of pictures of all we had gotten at our local farmers’ markets. I also went out a couple of times on neighborhood walks with the intent purpose of taking some pictures. I wanted to get some pictures of the demolition of the old Royal Theater. Holly went with me on the walk, and the old Royal Theater is right across the street from one of our favorite wine bars, Jet Wine Bar, so we ended the walk with a visit there. They always have a nice flower display from Pure Design, and I was able to get a nice shot of a flight of wine in front of the flowers.

Similarly, my Diana F+ pictures were all just taken in our neighborhood. I also tried the pinhole feature of the Diana F+. You can take the lens off, and it functions as a pinhole camera. I took a couple of pictures of a small Love statue we have. The effect is interesting so I’ll have to try that again sometime.

I am still really enjoying my analog cameras and am looking forward to continuing to learn more about how to best use them. I’m hoping to take at least 2 rolls of film each month. Currently, I have the last rolls of the initial films I bought when I got my cameras. Once they are used, I’ll try out some other film. I had taken a roll of black and white with the Diana F+ and plan on trying some black and white with the Canon soon.


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