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Back in January, I took a handful of light box photos with 3 of my cameras, including my Minolta X-700. I took only a few with the X-700 and still had 23 frames left on a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus.

Luckily, about a week later, we had a decent weather day, so Holly, and I took a nice walk and I was able to finish the roll.

For my light box photos, I used my Minolta MD Zoom 35-70mm f/3.5 Macro lens. I kept the same lens for our walk. I am exceptionally pleased with this lens and am really glad I picked it up. It became a favorite quickly.

We walked east from our apartment, and I first took some general photos of the city.

We stopped at the playground at Starr Garden. I have taken some photos of Starr Garden from the sidewalk through the fence but had never gone in since it’s usually busy. For some reason, it was empty that day so I was able to take a better variety of photos.

As has happened in a number of cities, car traffic has been prioritized over pedestrian traffic in parts of Philadelphia. One results of this is that I-95, a major highway, runs between the eastern part of the city and the waterfront making getting to the latter by foot difficult.

To compensate for this, the city has begun constructing The Park at Penn’s Landing, an ambitious project that will cover part of the highway to provide easier access to the waterfront.

The construction began early this year and will take at least 2 years to complete. So far, the construction has mainly been destruction as some existing bridges (or portions thereof) over the highway need to be removed. One impact of this has been the relocation of a couple statues.

Not surprisingly, I was not able to get too close to the construction/destruction, but I was able to get some pictures of the progress before running out of film.

This is an exciting project, and I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s completed. I’m also looking forward to taking photos of its progress in the meantime.

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  1. Khurt L Williams

    Hi Tom, I like the new website design. I know I had read an earlier post about the blog name change but I don’t recall the reasons. The last time I drove through Philadelphia was on a trip to Cleveland in May of last year. The traffic wasn’t too. After part of the I-95 collapsed last year, we’ve avoided the drive from Princeton.

    I haven’t used my XD-11 or any film camera in almost 9 months. I still have four undeveloped rolls from last fall sitting on my desk and another developed roll from August of last year that I still need to scan.

    • Tom

      Thanks. I outgrew the old name and needed a change. Sounds like they’ll be closing I-95 every now and then until the park is finished.

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